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How can we use a forklift to transport the granular products? This is a question Wings Machinery received from one of our customer, who wants to use the forklift to load corn, wheat, and cereal products. If you have the same question or work request, this article is just for you.

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Wings brand dumping buckets are the best solution in this situation. It’s also called Tipping Bucket. We only need to add the dumping bucket onto the suitable forklift, then it can be used for handling granular or blocky items. We added extra control valves and oil pipes in the forklift to connect with the bucket’s oil pipe. In this case, the operator can control the bucket directly by the control handle in the cabin. But if you already have your forklift and would like to add only the dumping bucket, then this will require your forklift has the extra oil pipes already.


What we can do to make the dumping bucket be perfect for your work?

1.The load volume of the bucket is customized.

2.The tipping angle is customized, below is a picture show that we customized the tipping angle to be 90°for customer.

3.All colors are able to customized.

forklift attachment.png

Except for the above mentioned hydraulic dumping bucket, there is also mechanical dumping bucket for options. The mechanical dumping bucket is with lower price. It won’t require the forklift to add extra control valves, if your forklifts don’t have extra oil pipes, this will be suitable for you.

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Why are tipping buckets are more and more popular?


lThe bucket has a compact structure, tipping  downward at a large angle, which is beneficial for dumping the goods cleanly at one time; 

lThe hydraulic oil pipe and tipping connector are arranged on the back side of the fixed frame to increase the protective effect. The arrangement is reasonable to improve the reliability of the hydraulic pipeline system;

lCompared with the loaders, the forklift installed with the tipping bucket has a smaller turning radius.

lThe quick-change structure in the oil pipe can realize quick disassembly on the forklift and convenient maintenance.


As a type of forklift attachment, the tipping bucket can be disassembled after use. Then the forklifts can be back with forks to transport pallets normally. This realizes a forklift multi-purpose so that it is more cost-effective than the large tonnage loader.  Below is a working video of the Tipping Bucket.     

If you have any need, please feel free to contact Wings.

Dumping Bucket For Forklifts
Time : 2024-05-10


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