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A Wheel Loader is a heavy equipment machine (often used in construction) that is primarily used to "load" material (asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, wood chips, etc.) into or onto another type of machinery (dump truck, conveyor belt, feed-hopper, rail-car, etc.). Today Wings Machinery would like to introduce the Wheel Loader to you.

1-Wheel Loader(1).png

v Configuration of Wings Machinery Wheel Loader:


Wings Machinery has exported Wheel Loaders worldwide for the Mid-and-high end market for 8 years. The quality of the Wheel Loader depends on the good configuration, most of which are good brands and specialized in Caterpillar or Liugong Machinery. Please see as follows:


Ø Engine: (standard) Weichai Deutz Brand; (optional) Dongfeng Cummins Brand

Ø Transmission: Beilian Brand

Ø Axle: Feicheng Brand

Ø Pump:Quancheng Brand

Ø Cylinder:Weifang Jingyue Brand

Ø Steering & Priority valves:Eaton Brand

Ø Tire: Xuzhou Jiazi

Other Optional configurationsAir-conditionerTriplex ValveExternal anti-roll rack, Internal anti-roll rackAutomatic lubrication

2-Wheel Loader Details(1).png

In addition to its excellent configurations, it also incorporates the latest safety features to ensure the well-being of operators and bystanders. These include a rearview camera, proximity sensors, and an automatic braking system that helps prevent accidents and injuries.


v Main specification of Wings Machinery Wheel Loader:


The Wheel Loader has a number of impressive features, including a powerful engine that delivers increased horsepower and torque for improved productivity on the job site. Its advanced hydraulic system allows for faster cycle times and smoother operation, while the spacious cab provides operators with a comfortable and ergonomic working environment.


Some information is very useful when inquiry. For Wings Machinery 3-6 ton Wheel Loader, there must be something you would like to realize:


Bucket capacity(m3)1.8-4.5
Rated load(kg)3000-6000
Max. Dumping height(mm)3100-3448
Max. Dumping reach(mm)1006-1280
Maximum torque(N.m)500-980
Total Time(s)9.15-12
Min Turning Radius(mm)5097-7020
Engine Power(kw)92-175
Overall weight(kg)9600-20000


v Commonly used attachments:


A large variety of the attachments can be fit on the Wheel Loader. The pictures below are the commonly used ones. Hope they are useful to your work conditions.


New Generation of Wings Machinery Wheel Loader
Time : 2024-06-21


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