Thanks for the customers’ trust and support, Wings Machinery are providing more and more forklifts to the world. Recently, an order of dual fuel forklift is off the production line and delivered to China Port for shipping. We worked on this order by a trading company, and the end customer specified that they wanted to purchase dual-fuel forklifts under the Wings brand. We appreciated for the trust and will work harder on the product to improve the quality and our service.

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I. The two forklifts are equipped with the below functions:


üGasoline and LPG fuel as power

ü3.5 tons load capacity

ü3 meters lifting height

üSide shifter

üChinese top engine with 46KW power

üLED working light

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双燃料叉车发货图 (3).png

I. Except for the standard specification, we also have many optional choice:


²Imported Japanese Nissan engine,

²Fork positioner

²3.5-8 meters lifting height

²Double front tyres

²Solid tyres

²Closed cabin

²EPA4 engines(for American market)


If your required working place is very special, our technical team can also customize and design new models to meet your requirements.


双燃料叉车发货图 (4).png   双燃料叉车发货图 (5).png

Below is a working video for the Gasoline and LPG forklift, you’ll find it is a forklift with beautiful appearance and stable structure, it’ll largely improve the working efficiency and save some manpower.

2 Units of Gasoline & LPG Forklifts Delivered to South Africa
Time : 2023-09-08


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