There are two parameters for passing through the narrow aisle- the Min. Turning radius and the Min. Aisle width. Wings has a large range of products that are suitable for the narrow aisle, besides the two smaller parameters mentioned above, the working performance of the narrow aisle product is good, meanwhile, the lifting height is the same as the normal forklift, even higher.

    The products in the chart below are for the narrow aisle of which the 4-wheel and 3-wheel electric forklifts are normal ones, not narrow aisle forklifts. But for comparison to highlight the advantage of the narrow forklift products, these two normal products are also shown in the chart.

Max. Rated capacity(ton)

4-wheel3-wheelReach TruckArticulated forklift3-way pallet stackerMulti-directional forklift

    Now, let’s have a look at when our customer consulted about the 2-ton rated capacity 7-meter lifting height forklift for a 3.37-meter aisle width, what to choose? From the chart above, the Max. rated capacity of the 3-way pallet stacker is 1.5 tons, so can be ruled out. For the Multi-directional forklift, 2.5 tonnes which is the closest to 2 tonnes is taken. About other products, all 2 tonnes for comparison. See the chart below for details. 

Min.turning radius(mm)Min.aisle width(mm)Max. lifting height(m)
Reach Truck1784275012
Multi-directional forklift(2.5-ton)197526007.5
Articulated forklift220026509

     From the chart, we can see that the 3-wheel electric forklift is good at the Min. Turning radius, but the lifting height can't reach 7 meters. On the other hand, the Min. Aisle width is very similar to the customer’s, so it might not be feasible to operate. The two pieces of data that will affect the aisle passing mentioned above of the 3 following products are just all right, and so is the lifting height. Considering the budget of the customer, Wings will recommend a suitable type for this customer.

     Friends, are you confused in choosing the proper forklift for your warehouse? Don’t worry. With Wings’ help, anything is possible.

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A Chart Makes Easy-understanding of Wings Narrow Aisle Products
Time : 2024-03-01


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