Four Gasoline&LPG forklifts have been inspected this week and are ready for North Africa. Its Wings honor to bring advanced and convenient lifting tools to help people all over the world with the heavy workload.

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    These four dual fuel forklifts are equipped with a 3-stage mast that can lift 8.5 meters, and dual front tires which can keep the forklift more stable with such a high lifting requirement for safety. 

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  As you can see from its name, there are two kinds of fuels which are Gasoline and LPG on the Dual fuel forklift to provide the power. It can be achieved by adjusting the fuel switch. The biggest advantage of the Duel fuel forklift is that it is more environment-friendly than the diesel forklift because it doesn’t incur loud noises and LPG almost doesn’t have harmful particulate emissions, at the same time, its continuous working hours are longer than the electric forklift because it needn’t be recharged. More and more customers tend to duel fuel forklifts.


Specifically, more advantages are as follows:

Good emissions, many food industries use LPG forklifts.

②Favorable to improve the lubrication condition of the engine, can extend the service life of the engine more than 1 time.

③Improve the working condition of the engine.

④Reduce fuel costs. With today's oil prices, it saves 1/2 of the diesel fuel cost, and with the adjustment of the national fuel tax policy, the economic benefits are obvious.

⑤Reliable safety. The ignition point of LPG is higher and it has a self-cooling effect, thus greatly increasing its safety. The cylinders have endured many tests and the forklifts are equipped with explosion-proof devices to ensure safety.

⑥Two kinds of fuel are on standby in the dual-fuel forklift trucks, the working time increases about 1 time, which is favorable to the multi-shift working system of customers.

Wings dual fuel forklifts adopt ergonomic optimization design, international trend modeling structure, and light and comfortable operation. It adopts double lifting cylinders, a wide-view mast full hydraulic steering, and an electromechanical braking system. More advanced elements are integrated, such as an internationally popular motor travel controller and dual-speed pump motor controller, tilting-current control system, perfect machine protecting self-test system, and safe and reliable energy-saving regenerative braking system.

Wings can provide you with good quality and low price products, and considerate service at any time.

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Four Dual Fuel Forklifts Get Ready
Time : 2024-03-08


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