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The excavator loader is commonly known as the backhoe loader because it has a special structure with a loader device in the front and an excavator at the end. On the construction site, it is transferred from the loader to the excavator by turning over the seat. The wings backhoe loader is equipped with China Top One brand, Xinchai Engine or Yuchai Engine with strong power. The 4-wheel drive design has plenty of power, stable cornering, not easy to slip during driving, good grip, as well as excellent passability.

Backhoe Loader.png

1. Applicable working conditions

Wings backhoe loader is mainly used in urban and rural highway construction and maintenance, cable laying, electric power and airport engineering, municipal construction, farmland water conservancy construction, rural residential construction, rock removal, and various small construction teams engaged in a variety of building construction projects. The Wings backhoe loader belongs to a kind of small multifunctional engineering machinery, which is generally used in small projects after the completion of large projects.

backhoe with loader.png

2.The advantage of the backhoe loader

The main reason why Wings backhoe loaders are found in all working environments is that a variety of projects require digging and moving dirt. For example, trenches need to be dug to route pipes and underground cables, to lay foundations for buildings, and to create drainage systems. Many other tools can do such jobs, but the backhoe loaders can be considerably more efficient. In comparison, the Wings backhoe loaders are more compact than larger, single-function machines such as tracked excavators. They can also be moved around on various construction sites and can even run on roads. While some small loaders and excavators may be more compacted than backhoe loaders, using a backhoe loader saves a great deal of time and cost if a contractor has to complete both excavation and loading operations.


Except for the bucket and the digger, the Wings backhoe loader can be equipped with a large range of attachments, such as the 4-in-1 bucket, 6-in-1 bucket, the Breaking Hammer, Auger, and so on. The backhoe loader is suitable for many working situations, like construction sites, farms, etc. It can shovel, dig and drill pits; it can clamp, lift, and mow; and it can snowplow and sweep.  

backhoe loader bucket.png

backhoe loader digger.png

                                                                                       Bucket                                   Digger


4. The structural characteristics

1) With a small turning radius, it steers flexibly and reflects quickly.

2) A high-pressure hydraulic system can provide strong power and quick and accurate response. The working device has a sturdy lifting                    force, rotating force, and bucket digging force.

3) The digging arm is easy to operate which makes the equipment transport safer and drive balanced.

4) With the extremely large colored glass, lower inner noises, and spacious cab, it brings the driver lots of comfort.

backhoe loader cab.png

                                                                                                                                         A spacious cab

5) A large range of the attachments as an option can be changed quickly to complete multi-function by the hydraulic quick change.

backhoe loader Hydraulic Quick-change.png

                                                                                                                Hydraulic Quick-change  

Above is the introduction of the Wings backhoe loader. Message us if you need it.

The Introduction of Wings Backhoe Loader
Time : 2024-05-17


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