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In recent years, the popularity of lithium-ion battery-powered forklifts has been increasing. With advanced technology and superior performance, this forklift provides exceptional efficiency and reliability in a wide range of industrial applications. Traditional lithium-ion forklift take 2-3 hours to fully charge, however we have received a lot of feedback from customers who all hope to reduce the charging time.Based on this demand, our R&D department has invested more time and effort to launch this high-performance lithium-ion forklift truck.Let's take a closer look at lithium-ion forklifts today, along with the latest research and development from Wings!

Lithium Forklift.png

lWhy choose Li-ion Forklift?

1.Increased Efficiency:The forklift is equipped with high-performance lithium batteries, providing longer operating hours and faster charging times than traditional lead-acid batteries. This technology also allows for continuous operation without the need for frequent battery changes or extended charging periods. In addition, the lithium-ion battery has a five-year warranty compared to the one-year warranty of the lead-acid battery, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

2.Cost Savings: With lower maintenance requirements and reduced energy consumption, the electric forklift offers long-term cost savings compared to diesel forklift. 


3.Environmental Sustainability: By minimizing carbon emissions and noise pollution, the electric forklift contributes to a greener workplace environment.Zero pollution and zero emissions can be applicable to more work scenarios with strict emission requirements.

lWhat technological advancements does Wings have?

1.Wings C-series Li-ion forklift equipped with original CATL batteries, our vehicles offer 30-minute fast charging, quick recharging, and efficient endurance. Plus, you can enjoy the convenience of our extensive CATL global after-sales network.


2.Wings C-series Li-ion forklift utilizes automotive-grade high-voltage controllers and permanent magnet synchronous motors, boasting a protection rating of IP67. This ensures precise and efficient control, resulting in exceptional performance.


3.Wings C-series Li-ion forklift has a short wheelbase and is equipped with a hydraulic system, allowing for an incredibly small turning radius of just 1950mm.


4.EIC System-integrated Thermal Management Technologies is designed to operate smoothly in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C, making it essential for optimizing battery charging and discharging efficiency while preventing overheating and overcooling.

l The ideal work environments for lithium-ion forklifts?

The Wings C-Series lithium-ion forklifts are suitable for various work environments, including pharmaceuticals, food, paper, beverages, logistics, and more.Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable material handling solutions.


Lithium-ion forklifts offer numerous advantages over traditional lead-acid powered machines, with their long lifespan, fast charging capabilities, and low maintenance requirements. They provide an efficient and sustainable solution for material handling operations across various industries.


If you are also in need of a convenient and efficient lithium-ion forklift, please feel free to contact me! There are more details and surprises waiting for you to explore. We assure you that Wings products will meet your satisfaction.

Wings C series Lithium-ion Forklifts
Time : 2024-05-31


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