As the power of the electric forklift, the battery plays an important part. At present, the main types of our batteries are lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. The standard configuration is a lead-acid battery if the customer specifies a lithium battery, we also have the appropriate lithium battery to provide. Today let’s come and realize the difference between lead-acid and lithium batteries.

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1.The price:

Lead-acid and lithium batteries have different prices. For the same battery capacity, the lithium batteries are about 6 times more expensive than the lead-acid batteries.

2.The service life: 

The important indicator of the service life is charge/discharge times. It is 700 times for the Chinese lead-acid battery and 4,000 times for the lithium battery. The service life for the Chinese lead-acid is 2-3 years, and the lithium battery can be used for 8-10 years and the warranty is 5 years.

3.Safe performance: 

Inside the lead-acid battery is the lead lump. The scrapped one will corrode and pollute the environment. Meanwhile, the lithium batteries we use in our forklifts are lithium iron phosphate batteries which are non-fire, non-explosive, and non-pollution.  

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4.Charging hours: 

The charging hours for a lead-acid battery is 8-10 hours, 2-3 hours for a lithium battery. There is a note about charging. For a lead-acid battery, it has a memory function. So it’s bad for the lead-acid battery capacity without frequently fully charged. Lithium batteries should be fully charged at least once a month. The rest of the time you can charge and use it whenever you want. So if the working condition is two shifts or frequently used in a day, the lithium battery is suitable because it can be charged quickly. Or a spare large lead-acid battery would work, too.

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With the same battery capacity, the lithium battery is smaller and lighter than a lead-acid battery.

6.Daily maintenance: 

The sulfuric acid electrolyte inside the lead-acid battery will evaporate when heated during charging. If it’s dried, it will affect the service life of the battery. So it should be checked after charging. Compared to the regular maintenance of the lead-acid battery, the lithium battery is maintenance-free.

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7.Power performance: 

When half battery capacity, the driving and lifting speed of the forklift with the lead-acid battery will turn slow and the motor power deteriorates. For the lithium battery, as long as the battery capacity remains at more than 30%, the power supply is relatively steady.

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Above all, is this article on the battery helpful to you? Wings is the forklift expert around you.

The Introduction of the Battery of the Electric Forklift
Time : 2024-04-26


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