Today, we are pleased to introduce Wings multi-directional forklift, which boasts powerful functionality that positions it as the top product in our warehouse lineup. Now, let's delve into the features of this versatile product. 

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1. Advantages

Firstly, Wings multi-directional forklift boasts an incredibly versatile driving mode that effortlessly maneuvers in straight, lateral, or oblique forms without any hassle. What's even more impressive is its ability to rotate at the center and make sharp turns at minimal angles. Undoubtedly, this driving mode effectively resolves the issue of limited space in numerous warehouses.

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Wings multi-directional forklift driving mode of the forklift allows it to adapt to various working environments effortlessly. It can easily navigate narrow passages while carrying long materials without any issues. Its advantages lie not only in its flexibility but also in its exceptional load-bearing and lifting capacity. In comparison to a balanced heavy forklift, it can adjust to shelf heights by up to 60%. This not only results in narrower required channel widths but also improved shelf heights, thereby increasing the available area of the warehouse and enhancing its capacity rate.

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In response to various customer needs, Wings multi-directional forklift can be divided into different models. Currently, we offer a narrow body station driving omnidirectional forklift, a wide body omnidirectional forklift, and a wide body four-way forklift. Additionally, Wings provide other optional features so that you can choose the most suitable door frame or tire type based on your specific requirements. Our diverse range of products allows customers to select the most appropriate solution for their individual needs.

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Not only do we pay attention to details, but we also prioritize high precision in our mast and laser positioning systems, making them powerful allies in warehousing work. Full AC drive motor, hoisting motor, no carbon brush, maintenance-free.Lower energy consumption compared to DC batteries.

Additionally, our head guard and warning lamp group ensure the safety of operating personnel.

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The versatile multi-directional forklift is capable of serving various industries, including pipeline and wood industry as well as textile industry, enabling efficient work to be done. Moreover, its robust configuration allows our products to handle a maximum rated load of 4.5 tons and lift up to 8 meters in height, undoubtedly providing great convenience for warehousing operations.

Finally, I would like to inform you that we have recently exported the multi-directional forklift to Europe. This vehicle is equipped with side shifter functionality as per the customer's requirements. In the video, you can clearly observe its sturdy frame and flexible maneuvering capabilities.

The team at Wings is dedicated to assisting you in identifying the most appropriate product for your needs.

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Wings Multi-Directional Forklift
Time : 2024-04-19


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