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Rated Capacity: 2500kg
Lifting Height : 3m
Power: battery
Battery capacity: 400Ah
  • Features:

    1. This series electric forklifts adopts excellent motor electronic control, it is powerful and simple structure, which makes energy consumption reduced by 20%.

    2. The use of lithium iron phosphate battery makes each single part has BMS management protection device, and ensure the use of lithium batteries, high voltage design, increase the efficiency of power utilization.

    3. This series electric forklifts is compact and simple in appearance. All exposed parts are all adopted overall stamped metal material, which are environmentally friendly.

    4. Drop buffer intelligent perception, when the fork off the ground 100-60mm, the descent speed automatically slows down, so that the cargo and pallets will not hit the ground, which can protect the goods and the ground better;

    5. New large-screen LED instrument, good visibility, intuitive reading, human-computer interface friendly;

    6. We adopt Regenerative braking : When forklift in the parking, deceleration, change and downhill conditions, the drive motor turn into a generator,  to recharge the battery through the controller and saving energy ).

    7. Optional: Side-way battery change system, no need to take the battery from the top of the frame roof. So it makes the battery changing easier. And this is suitable for heavy load, continuous work and other large-intensity conditions.

    8. Adjustable steering, which is designed ergonomically. It can adjust the steering wheel up and down, and the driver can always find a comfortable driving sense. What’s more, the seat can also be adjusted back and forth in a range of 150mm, the operator can choose a comfortable driving position.


  • Specification
    Power type
    Rated loadkg2500
    Load center distancemm500
    Driving type
    LengthWith fork 
    Without fork
    Whole Widthmm1150
    HeightHeight no lifting frame
    Top frame height
    Max Height working 
    Fork Lengthmm1220
    Distance from seat to top lightmm1020
    Wheel base mm1515
    Front overhangmm483
    Back overhangmm400
    Front wheel treadmm970
    Back wheel treadmm950
    Min Floor clearancemm135
    Max lifting heightmm3000
    Free lifting heightmm170
    Fork changings1024/200
    Min Turning radiusWA2050
    Min Right angle aisle widthRA3760
    Frame angle a/β°6°/12°
    Max lifting speed without goodsmm/s380
    Max lifting speed with full goodsmm/s280
    Max speed without goodskm/h15
    Max speed with full goodskm/h14
    Max climbing angle%≤15
    Whole weightkg4200
    Driving Wheel
    Tyre model
    Solid tyre
    Front Tyre
    Rear Tyre
    Hand Brake
    Hydraulic Pedal
    Brake type
    Battery Volt/ capacityV/AH48/400
    Driving motor powerkw11.0AC
    pump powerkw12.0AC

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