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2T Electric Stacker(Seat on)
Rated Capacity: 2000kg
Lifting Height : 5000mm
Power: battery
Battery capacity: 560Ah
  • Features:

    1.Using advanced permanent magnet drive technology, strong power. DC permanent magnet drive motor, strong power, excellent performance, low heat generation, maintenance-free battery, more worry-free use. 

    2.Wide view door frame design improves work efficiency. The layout of the whole machine is more reasonable, with a low center of gravity, small size and low weight. 

    3.It adopts permanent magnet walking motor with excellent performance and low heat generation. 

    4.The telescopic adjustable forged fork is easy to fold and easy to enter and exit all kinds of non-freight small elevators, suitable for all kinds of pallet specifications. 

    5.Imported AC drive and AC electric steering unit provide reliable driving power. Side-pull battery, strong endurance. Station board type, pure electronic steering, integrated joystick, safe, labor-saving and flexible operation. 

    6.The newly designed floating suspension system makes the steering operation more flexible and convenient. Large ground clearance, large driving adhesion, strong adaptability to working conditions. 

    7.Maintenance-free high-power AC drive system provides reliable driving power; large-capacity battery, strong endurance. 

    8.The standard CURTIS series controller is reliable and durable; the AMP waterproof and dustproof plug-in provides reliable protection of the circuit and greatly reduces electrical failure. 

    9.It adopts a 5-pivot and low-center-of-gravity design, and the frame is a high-strength steel plate frame structure with large surplus bearing capacity and long service life.

  • Specification:
    1.2Power   Type
    1.3Operation   Type
    1.4Rated   CapacityQ(kg)2000
    1.5Load   CenterC(mm)500
    1.6Front   Overhangx(mm)215
    1.8Lift   heightmm5000
    1.9Height-Mast   Extended w/ Load-Backrestmm5970
    1.91Height---Mast  Loweredmm2416
    1.92Height--Free   Liftmm1756
    2.1Service   weight(incl. battery)kg3246
    2.3Bridge   load at no load, drive side / load sidekg/
    2.4Bridge   load at full load, fork moving forward, drive side / Load sidekg/
    2.5Bridge   load at full load, fork retracted, drive side / load  sidekg/
    3.1Wheel   type
    3.2Loading   wheelmmφ300×120
    3.3Driving   wheelmmφ350×120
    3.4Stable   wheel sizemm/
    3.5 Tyres,front/rear
    2/ 1X 
    4.1Tilt   of fork, Forward/Backwardα/β(°)3/5
    4.2Height   of mast closedh1(mm)2175
    4.3Full   free lifting heighth2(mm)/
    4.4Lifting   heighth3(mm)3000
    4.5Height   of mast open(incl. Load-Backrest)h4(mm)3970
    4.7Overhead   guard heighth6(mm)2200
    4.8Pedal   heighth7(mm)376
    4.19Overall   lengthl1(mm)2431[2]
    4.21Overll   Width b1/b2(mm)1270/1290
    4.22Fork   Dimensionsl/e/s(mm)1070×100×40
    4.24Width   of Load-Backrestb3(mm)1090
    4.25Width   across forksb5(mm)222-750[3]
    4.26Inner   spacing of the legsb4(mm)890
    4.28Forward   distancel4(mm)617
    4.31Mast   clearancem1(mm)75
    4.34.1Aisle   width for pallet 1000*1200 crosswayAst(mm)2845
    4.34.2Aisle   width for pallet 800*1200 crosswayAst(mm)2891
    4.35Turning   radiusWa(mm)1798
    5.1Driving   speed(load/unload)km/h8.5/10
    5.2Lifting   speed(load/unload)mm/s210/340
    5.3Lowering   speed(load/unload)mm/s300/250
    5.8Max.   climbing ability%(tanθ )≤10
    5.10Brake   type
    6.1Driving   motorkw5.5
    6.2Lifting   motorkw8.6
    6.4Battery   Voltage/capcityV/Ah48/560
    6.5Battery   weightkg920
    6.6Steering   system
    Hydraulic/electric   hydraulic power steering
    7.1Battery   Change Type
    Front   pull replacement

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