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Rated load: 3000kg
Lifting height: 3600mm
Free lift height: 300mm
Engine power: 48kw
  • Features:

    1.The machine adopts the current international popular large arc, flow-type design, beautiful and generous.

    2.New structural design, high body strength, strong carrying capacity, low vibration and noise.

    3.In line with ergonomic flow-shaped large space cab, wide field of view, comfortable operation.

    4.Standard shock-absorbing seats and dual-camera image system, which makes driving more comfortable, safer and more efficient.

    5.High-performance battery, strong power, reliable performance and strong battery life.

    6.Reliable leg cylinder protection function, effectively guarantee safe operation.

    7.Four-wheel hydraulic braking design and reliable braking performance.

    8.Digital special instrument, friendly human-machine interface, driver master the condition of the car timely and accurately.

    9.Increase the front driver's passage to facilitate narrow space driver access to the cab

    10.Add front and rear bumpers to effectively protect the body

    11.Both sides of the hood open the door, easy access, the use of dual air filter form, the outside of the hood air, effectively protect the normal operation of the engine.

    12.With YQX100H liquid transmission and torque converter, the quality is reliable and stable, which has the advantages of good reliability and low impact noise.

    13.Optional wide base tire, tire carrying capacity, vehicle stability is good, and it can cancel the support leg, the structure is more simple.

    14.The roller arrangement of the well glyph channel smooths the door frame movement.

    15.The front and rear wheels float along the road surface, making the whole vehicle run more smoothly.

    16.Hydraulic locks on legs and chain cylinders ensure safe operation

    17.The tilted frame platform allows the forklift to balance its body during transport, making it more

  • Specification
    Distinguishing mark 1.1Manufacturer   (abbreviation)
    1.2Manufacturer's   type designation
    1.3Drive: electric (battery or   mains), diesel, petrol, fuel gas
    1.4Rated   capacity/rated loadQ(kg)3000
    1.5Load   centre distancec(mm)500
    1.6Load   distance, centre of drive axle to forkx(mm)605
    1.7Rear   overhangmm1105
    1.8Wheelbasey(mm)  2550
    Weight2.1Service   Weightkg5600
    Tyres,chassis3.1Tyre   size, front
    3.2Tyre   size, rear
    3.3Tread,   frontb10(mm)1600
    3.4Tread,   rearb11(mm)  1600
    Dimensions4.1Tilt of mast/fork carriage   forward/backwardα/β(°)3/5
    4.2Height,   mast loweredh1(mm)2700
    4.3Free   lifth2(mm)300
    4.5Height,   mast extendedh4(mm)4600
    4.6Height   of overhead cabinh6(mm)2643
    4.7Overall   lengthl1(mm)4260
    4.8Overall   widthb1(mm)2040
    4.9Fork   dimensions ISO 2331s/e/l(mm)1070*125*45
    4.10Ground   clearance, laden, below mastm1(mm)150
    4.11Turning   radiusWa(mm)4255
    4.12Min.   right angle stacking aisle widthmm3750
    4.13Platform   heightmm980
    4.14Platform   widthmm1182
    Performance data5.1Travel   speed, laden/unladenkm/h21/22
    5.2Lift   speed, laden/unladenm/s0.320/-
    5.3Mast   moving out speedm/s0.300
    5.4Gradeability,   laden/unladen%18/-
    5.5Service   brake
    Vacuum   assist
    5.6Parking   brake
    Combustion engine6.1Engine   manufacturer type
    6.2Engine   power according to DIN ISO 1585kw48
    6.3Rated   speedmin2600
    6.4Number   of cylinders/displacement(-)/(cm³)-/3259
    6.5Battery   voltage/nominal capacityV/AH12/90
    6.6Rated   torqueN·m/r/min214/1600
    6.7Transmissions   Manufacturer
    6.8Transmissions   Type
    6.9Stage   FWD/RVS
    Addition data7.1Operating   pressure for attachmentsbar175
    7.2Fuel   tank capacityliter66

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