In the last piece of news, we talked about how to choose the forklift according to the working conditions. This time let’s sum up the forklifts types.

Generally, forklifts can be divided into 3 series, which are Internal combustion forklifts, Electric forklifts, and Warehouse forklifts.

1.Internal combustion forklifts

· Conventional internal combustion forklift

Generally, the forklift adopts a diesel, gasoline, or LPG as the power. The load capacity is from 1.2~10 tons. The aisle width is 3.5m~5.0m. It’s usually used in the workshop or outdoors where no requirements for emission and noise. It can work continuously due to the convenient fuel supply, and it can work in terrible weather such as rainy days.

Diesel forklift.png   Gasoline&LPG forklift.png

· Heavy-duty forklift

It adopts the diesel engine as the power. The load capacity is 10~33 tons. Generally, it’s used outdoors such as the docks, steel industries, and other places where there are heavy cargoes.

Heavy-duty forklift.png

· Container forklift /Reach stacker

The reach stacker is powered by a diesel engine. The load capacity is 8~45 tons. It is divided into the high container stacker, heavy container stacker, and container reach stacker. It applies in container lifting, such as the container stacking area or harbor terminal. There is also a 7-ton diesel forklift that can deal with the empty container. The fork is longer and the backrest is wider than the conventional forklift. It is very popular due to its compact body and lower price.

Container forklift.png   7-ton diesel forklift.png

· Side load forklift

Powered by a diesel engine. The load capacity is 3~12 tons. It can load goods directly from the side, so it is mainly used for loading long materials, such as logs, rebar, etc.

Side load forklift.png

1.Electric forklifts

It is powered by electric motor and battery as energy source, with a load capacity of 0.75~8 tons and an aisle width of 2.8~5.2 meters. Due to its non-pollution and low noise, it’s widely used in working condition with high environmental requirements, such as the pharmaceutical, food, and other industries. Each battery should be recharged after 8 working hours, so backup batteries should be required for multi-shift operation.

Electric forklifts.png

2.Warehouse forklifts

They are designed for lifting in the warehouse. Most of the warehouse forklifts are motor-driving, except for a few hand pallet forklifts. They are widely used because of its compact body, flexible moving, light weight, and good performance in protecting the environment. The motor-driving warehouse forklifts are required for back-up batteries for multi-shift work.

①Electric pallet truck
The loaded capacity is 2~6 tons. The aisle width is 2.55~2.74m, and the lifting height is 120~205mm, which is mainly used for lifting and loading the cargo in the warehouse. There are walkie and stand-on driving types.

Electric pallet truck.png

②Electric pallet stacker
The capacity is from 0.9 ton to 2 ton. The aisle width is from 2.05m-3.07m. There is a mast in the structure while the Electric pallet truck does not. The lifting height is within 5.5m. It’s mainly used in stacking, loading/unloading in the warehouse.

Electric pallet stacker..png

③Electric reach truck
The capacity is from 1.2 ton to 3 tons. The mast can move forward and backward completely. The aisle width is 2.5m to 3.13m when the mast is retracted. The max. lifting height is approximately 12 meters. It is often used for high-level stacking and picking up goods.

Electric reach truck.png

④Electric Order Picker
Under certain working conditions (Such as the Distribution Center in the supermarket), multiple varieties of goods are selected according to the order to form a  pallet instead of the entire pallet. According to the height of the picked goods, Electric Order Pickers can be divided into low-level order picker (within 120 mm) and mid-high-level order picker(The max. Lifting height is up to 5.76m). For low-level order picker, the load capacity is from 2-2.5 tons, and for high-level order picker, the load capacity is 1 ton.

Electric Order Picker.png

⑤3-Way pallet stacker
Usually, it is equipped with a 3-way stacking head, so with the fork rotating, the forklift can stack and pick the goods at any ways without turning. The aisle width is 1.48m to 1.6m, the lifting height is up to 10m. The cab can not lift. Considering the operation view limitation, it is mainly used for no more than 6 meters lifting conditions.

3-Way pallet stacker.png

⑥Electric tractor

It is driven by an electric motor. With its rated drawbar pull from 800F(N) to 1200F(N), it can pull several trolleys loaded with goods. It is often used to transport large quantities of goods within or between workshops, such as transportation from automobile manufacturing warehouse to assembly line and luggage transportation at airports.

Electric tractor.png

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Forklift Types
Time : 2024-03-22


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