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At present, there are different types of forklifts. The forklift area is technical and professional. So it’s difficult to choose the right type of forklift for some companies. Wings will help you find a suitable one.

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The first step is to know the feasible working conditions. Choose the type and the configuration from the facts below:


The basic functions of the forklift are horizontal carrying, stacking, loading/unloading, and picking up. In addition, the special requirement will affect the configuration. For example, if the cargo is a paper roll, bucket, etc., the attachment should be added to the forklift. 

Forklift with bucket.png      Forklift with Bucket clip.png


The requirements for the forklift include the specification of the pallets or the cargoes, the lifting height, aisle width, grade ability, and other common requirements. Meanwhile, the working efficiency, and working custom(stand-on/seated) should also be considered.

Stand on Electric Reach Truck.png                            Seated electric reach truck.png

                                                                               (stand-on)                                                                                                   (seated)


If the corporation has requirements for environmental protection, such as the noises or emissions and so on in the warehouse, it’s considerable to choose the type and the configuration. If works in a cold storage or explosion-proof environment, the forklift configuration should be matchable. Consider the possible problems when examining the place where the forklift needs to pass. For example, the door or the elevator height limitation when passing, the floor load capacity when working on the floor, and so on.

Explosion-proof Diesel Forklift.png                 Cold storage working forklift.png

When choosing the type and confirming the configuration, it’s necessary to tell Wings your detailed working conditions and do a field survey to ensure the forklift is suitable for your company. Even if stepping over the above analysis, maybe there are still several types that can meet the above requirements. Then some aspects need to be noted:

①Different type, different working efficiencies, then different quantities of forklifts and drivers. It will cause a series of cost changing.

②If working in the warehouse, different forklifts need different aisle widths, the lifting height is also different. Therefore it will bring the arrangement changing of the warehouse, such as the inventories.
③The changing of the type and the quantity will influence vehicle management and other aspects.
④The competencies of the after-sale service are different due to different market shares for different types. With low sales quantity, the quantities and the experience of the engineers and the spare parts stock level and other services will be weak.

All in all, after the assessment of the above aspects, the most reasonable solution will be settled. Wings will help you at any time.

Wings Help You Choose a Suitable Forklift
Time : 2024-03-15


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